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How Snowmaking Works
Just watch this short video to see how simple home snowmaking really is. Don't get intimidated, its as easy as one, two, three!

Ingredient #1: High-Pressure Water
      The first ingredient is high pressure water. High pressure water is supplied by a small pressure washer like the one pictured above. These units can be either gas or electric and run anywhere from $70 for a small electric unit to $400 for a larger gas powered model. The pressure washer makes the ultra-fine mist which is turned into snow.

Ingredient #2: Compressed Air
      Compressed air is the most important ingredient in snowmaking. Without compressed air, no matter how fine the mist is or how cold the air outside is, snow cannot form. Compressed air, breaks apart some of the water into special particles and then freezes these particles as the air expands to form the snow crystals the rest of the mist can freeze onto. A small, garage air compressor is more than enough for snowmaking and will run anywhere from $100 - $350.

Ingredient #3: Cold Outside Air
      In order for the snow crystals to fully freeze and remain frozen on the ground, the outside air temperature must be below 27 degrees farenheit (-2.5 C). As the temperature drops, the snow quality increases and becomes drier and fluffier!

Choose Your Snowmaker Based on Your Pressure Washers Output in GPM (Gallons Per Minute)

home snow makers     how it works     pictures     ask a question   ::   combo     comboplus     supersnow
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